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WOW… Is this how they animate the movie???? :O




“Lilo and Stitch” 2002

Deleted Scene

Lilo plays a trick on the tourists.


I desperately need to understand



Was this scene cut from the movie??!!

Fucking christ, do you know what this would have done? What this would have meant to SO MANY people??  The truth of this is devastating. And to think it almost found it’s way into a DISNEY film??

The inclusion of this scene alone would have made it the greatest animated feature the company ever produced. Easily. And if you think that’s hyperbolic clearly you don’t understand.

No, really, if anyone knows why this was cut PLEASE let me know. 


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B&W Photography Competition

I am the marketing executive for the magazine Black + White Photography and our search for the Black + White Photographer of the Year 2012 is on.

We’re looking for the best contemporary black & white photographs from around the world – and they could belong to you or your students! This year we have a category for under 25s and the winning photographs from each category will be published in our magazine.

Enter for your chance to win the new Leica M Monochrom camera, plus lens, worth over £8,000.

Editor of Black+White Photography Elizabeth Roberts:
‘This is a fabulous opportunity for a photographer to achieve worldwide recognition – and to own one of the most sought after cameras in the world.’

The newly announced Leica M Monochrom is the world’s first digital camera designed exclusively for full-frame, 35mm black & white photography.


B+W Photographer of the year
First Prize: Leica M Monochrom
We ask for three images that work coherently as a set. The subject matter is up to you.

Single image categories:
This is Life
The Human Spirit
The Living World
The first prize for each of the above single image categories is £100 + Magnum Contact Sheet Special Edition book worth £325.

Young Photographer of the Year
First Prize: £250 (under 25s)

For full details visit

I love this CV!


I’ve created my CV recently as part of uni projects. Although my initial idea was different to what I produced in the end and I still want to get back to it, I enjoyed this project. I wanted my cv to be a simple and finished piece, showing my eye for detail. The book I created contains samples of my work and comes in a hand made envelope. The form of the outcome shows what interests me most: typography, especially letterpress and hand lettering and packaging design. So here is what I send to a couple of design studios:

Designing my CV

I found some really visually interesting CV while surfing on the internet, though most of them seems to be Graphic Design based, I like graphic designers’ cv because the way they arrange their information and all the interesting packaging thing makes things more interesting! :) 

This is the creator’s advice:

It’s the time of year, where graduates create their CV and to gain a work placement or find a job within the creative media industry. I’m currently under going creating a CV myself and was told to keep it simple and stick to an one sided A4 paper.

With the examples above, this will certainly catches the employers eye, in looking at the applicant’s creativity. But I feel many studio’s will not have any time to flicker through the process as they received many CVs everyday.

I’m 50/50 with this and maybe it’s best to create 3 types of CV.

1. A4 sheet/PDF
2. Creative CV (poster,folds and etc)
3. Online portfolio’

More to see:

Source of the images

This one has a really nice belly band I like it very much! The colours scheme has been chosen really well too!

Struggling with my CV

CV isn’t easy to make, for all I know is that I don’t have my own OWN style yet and I feel like my CV is never gonna be good.. When I try putting information on my CV everything is ruined. 

I am too restricted by the use of typography and I feel like I CAN’T MESS AROUND TYPEFACES AT ALL, but I can.. aaaaa I am s annoyed with myself…